Welcome to «Intermarine»…

«Intermarine» is a Crew Manning & Crew Management Company specialized in providing Crew related services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers.  Over the period of 20 years that our Office is active in Crew Manning & Management, we have provided Crew Management solutions and services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers owning/managing of any size & type of vessels.    

 We are working in synergy with the shipowners and shipmanagers order establish a close relationship that is to the benefit of our clients and their vessels' smooth sailings. 

 The level of our engagement may vary from just selecting a seaman up to the selection of a full crew. Our ties with Ship owners and Ship managers are strong and based on our core values, Professionalism, Honesty, Owners/Managers interests being of Paramount Importance, which remain unchanged over these 20 years.

We are guarantee that Your Company will benefit greatly from our cooperation.

 Our intention is Professionalism, Honesty & Quality!

  We are always welcome our customers!