Marine and Offshore

Marine and Offshore

It is imperative for the marine and offshore industries that seafarers and crew are fit for duty.

Dr Paice has over 25 years experience providing health care to marine and offshore industry professionals and understands the unique challenges faced within the maritime sector .

We offer a full assessment of seafarers and crew, and provide advice on lifestyle changes which are required in order to meet industry standards.

    • ENG1 Medical

The main medical fitness certification for those who work at sea.
Appointment time approx. 20-30 minutes

    • OGUK Offshore medical (formerly known as UKOOA)

The medical required for offshore workers within the UK sector and the North Sea.
Appointment time approx. 20-30 minutes

    • Cruise medicals

Extensive health checks for personnel working within the cruise sector.
Appointment time varies depending on requirements

  • Accredited by the Norwegian and Danish Maritime Authorities to issue Medical Certificates on their behalf.
  • Medical Certificates also issues for service on vessels of most major Flag states – Liberia, Panama, Marshall Islands, and Vanuatu etc.
  • Travel vaccine and yellow fever.
  • Functional capacity evaluations – to test individuals ability to perform certain tasks.
  • Arranging additional tests including X-rays, heart tests.

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